Revayat Farhang Co. (RFCO) e-Learning System
Different from existing e-Learning systems

April 2018

The use of MicroVideo (very short video clips) is a method that has so far been used in entertainment and news media added to news items (short news footage following the announcer's speech), as well as, in very short reproduction of exciting parts of the football championship Sport news and weather, while the MicroVideo place has so far been neglected in educational systems, even in e-learning. RFCO e-Learning system has been developed to fill this gap.

• The RFCO System, as a complete and integrated package, creates a completely innovative value added to distance learning textbooks, integrating MicroVideo into learning, simultaneously, with online and offline teaching and learning, thereby, uniquely creating educational features of the system more target-based, with high quality, quite appealing, exciting, faster, as well as, dynamically enhancing the possibility of updating the e-learning courses compared to existing methods.
• A unique video conferencing component has been incorporated into the RFCO e-Learning system which is placed in the RFCO dedicated server, without the need for external video conferencing in order to secure the contents.
• The use of MicroText and MicroVideo in the process of teaching / learning (designed and developed for the first time by Revayat Frahang Co. (RFCO)) via linking micro-micro-items to textbooks and using them in the system (at all stages of instruction)
• In conventional e-learning systems, any object or item of learning (LO) including text content, sound, and image is included as part of the lesson, of which the shortest is could be minute. The RFCO MicroText/MicroVideo-based system, for the first time, has provided learning objects of (5 to 12 seconds) in the form of a MicroVideo named Micro Video-Based Learning Object (MVLO), a unique evolution in the learning process of learning. MicroVideo short length is matched with the human mind-system in order for the learner to be able to repeat each one of the MicroVideos as much as he/she needs to, so as to place the learning objects into the sensory and short-term (active) memory and Transferring it to the long-term memory.
• The MicroText mode in the RFCO System has been adapted from the views of Noam Chomsky, the well-known American linguist, in relation to generative grammar and his tree system, as well as, in short meaningful chunks (phrases and clauses) for ease of repetition and possibility to generate more and more contents.

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